CCDC and Clearstream jointly launch customer survey


On August, China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC), the core financial infrastructure in CIBM, and Clearstream Banking S.A. (Clearstream), one of the most significant global financial infrastructures, jointly launch a customer survey. The survey aims to seek foreign investors'opinions and suggestions on cooperation of the two institutions.

CCDC and Clearstream signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2017. Subject to current regulatory frameworks and market system, CCDC and Clearstream, as financial market infrastructures of the onshore market and the international market respectively, together support foreign investors to participate the CIBM, based on the"direct-holding, agency-settlement"model, and strive to provide cross-border services of depository and settlement efficiently, safely and conveniently.

The survey is an important part of the collaboration between CCDC and Clearstream. By listening to investors about their needs and concerns, the two institutions can further improve the design of the cooperation, and work out solutions to meet the needs and demands of the market.

This survey is expected to run for 6 weeks. Please click the link below to access the survey.




About Clearstream

Clearstream is a global leader in post-trade securities services with around EUR 13 trillion in assets under custody, making it one of the world's largest settlement and custody firms for domestic and international securities. The wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Borse ensures that cash and securities are promptly and effectively delivered between trading parties. It also manages, safe keeps and administers the securities that it holds on behalf of its customers. Over 300,000 domestic and internationally traded bonds, equities and investment funds are currently deposited with Clearstream.

Clearstream maintains relationships with around 2,500 customers in over 110 countries. Its global network extends across 57 domestic markets. Backed by flexible securities lending and collateral management services, Clearstream offers one of the most comprehensive international securities services available, settling more than 250,000 transactions daily.


About CCDC

China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) is the wholly state-owned financial institution approved and funded by the State Council of China. It, as an important national financial market infrastructure (FMI), provides central registration, depository and settlement services, and serves as a core platform for China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM). CCDC has around 53.1 trillion RMB (approx. 8.0 trillion USD) of bonds (including almost 100% China government bonds, local government bonds and policy bank bonds as sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds, and the majority of high-grade credit bonds in China) under depository by the second quarter of 2018, and transactions valuing more than 1,000 trillion RMB (more than 150 trillion USD) processed over 2017. More than 19600 accounts have been opened with CCDC, including 688 overseas investors, who currently hold about 1.3 trillion RMB (approx. 200 billion USD) of bond assets.

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