CCDC Shanghai Branch Successfully Supported the First Local Issuance of Policy Bank Financial Bonds

Financial market innovation and development is the toppriority of Shanghai international financial center construction. The Shanghai"13th Five-Year Plan" clearly puts forward the strategic objective ofconstruction of global financial center and the key tasks including acceleratingthe development of RMB-denominated financial products and deepening financialmarket openness. With respect to the construction of RMB market center, it isimportant to build the global RMB exchange rate formation center, asset pricingcenter and payment & clearing center, as well as to steadily expand thesize of the bond market. In order to better serve this development strategy ofShanghai international financial center, China Central Depository &Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) in recent years maintains its steady pace in productand business innovation.

On June 14, Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC)successfully issued 18 billion yuan of policy financial bonds at CCDC Shanghai Branch.The fund raised by the bonds is to be used for summer crops purchase loans and shantytowns renewal loans, reflecting ADBC’s role in the coordinated development ofurban and rural areas and in the implementation of the supply side structuralreforms. The successful issuance of the first policy financial bond by domesticfinancial institutions in Shanghai not only demonstrates a new breakthrough thecity has made in this area, but also marks a major milestone innovation CCDCShanghai Branch has achieved. Following the local government bonds, corporatebonds, commercial bank bonds and asset-backed securities, CCDC has introduced thepolicy bank bonds issuance business to this city.

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