CCDC Shanghai Branch Supported the First Issuance by Tender of Financial Bonds in Shanghai

Recently, with the approval of the PBC, Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, supported by CCDC Shanghai Branch, successfully issued the financial bonds of 1.5 billion yuan through the PBC Bond Issuance System. The financial bonds will supplement the tier 2 capital of the bank, with the tenor of 10 years and interest rate 5%. Haitong Securities is the principal underwriter. CCDC serves as the registry, depository and settlement agency of the bonds, providing issuance, registration, depository, settlement, interest payment, valuation, information disclosure and other services. According to the “Administrative Measures for the Issuance of Financial Bonds in National Inter-bank Bond Market”, CCDC is the only designated register and depositor for financial bonds authorized by PBC, and has long been committed to providing integrated services for the issuance of financial bonds by policy banks, commercial banks, corporate finance companies and other financial institutions. As of today, CCDC has successfully supported the issuance of various types of financial bonds of 20.5 trillion yuan.

CCDC Shanghai Branch provided onsite technical supports to Tailong financial bonds, the first financial bonds issued by tender in Shanghai. The success of the issuance is a big stride of CCDC in expanding its core infrastructure service radius to Shanghai, and marks a major breakthrough by CCDC in promoting service synergy in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, in deepening the development of the bond market, and in supporting the construction of Shanghai financial center. Since its inception in 2015, CCDC Shanghai Branch, relying on Shanghai’s advantageous location in national business chart, keeps providing safe, efficient and professional integrated services for the issuers and investors in East China. During the past one and a half years, under the guidance of CCDC Headquarter, and by enhancing the breadth and depth of its service, the Shanghai Branch has successfully supported issuance of Shanghai local government bonds, innovation-and-entrepreneurship bonds, special bonds, project income bonds, small and micro-enterprise bonds, asset-backed securities and other bonds, totally amounted to more than 1.7 trillion yuan, and has successfully supported the issuance of the New Development Bank's first green financial bonds and the Shanghai municipal government's first free trade zone local government bonds. In order to promote the smooth tender issuance of Tailong financial bonds, the relevant departments of CCDC in Beijing and Shanghai worked together closely on customer communication, program design, policy coordination, business discussion and on-site technical support, a full demonstration of advantages of Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen service synergy.

During the tender process of the bonds, inspectors from the People's Bank of China carried out an on-site supervision to ensure that the tender was conducted in an equitable, fair and well ordered manner. As the only PBC authorized technical support providers for bond issuance system, CCDC will, in accordance with the “Rules for the On-site Administration of Bond Issuance in the Inter-bank Bond Market” and the “Detailed Administrative Rules for the Bond Issuance by Tender in the Inter-bank Bond Market”, further enhance its role as a core financial infrastructure, exploit the advantages of Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen service synergy, continuously improve the level of inter-bank bond market services, and actively contribute to the construction of Shanghai international financial center.


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