“Bond Monthly” Magazine Announced the Ten Best Articles of 2016

“Bond Monthly” magazine always adheres to the goal of presenting to readers the best selected articles and enhancing the engagement with the bond sector and academic community. In its recent effort, “Bond Monthly” hosted the “Ten Best Articles of 2016” selection event in recognition of the outstanding contributors during the past year. In the spirit of "fair, just and open" principle, and supported by the market members and readers, this event has been widely noticed and actively participated, with the number of participants and the media attention it drew dwarfing the previous four annual selections.

The selection event presented 22 finalists of the outstanding articles and opened poll portals on ChinaBond website and "Bond Monthly" WeChat official account. As of March 24, 2017 when the portals were closed, the organizer received a total of 52816 effective votes. The election also invited some famous media professionals to cast media votes, including from Xinhua News Agency, Financial News, China Financial and Economic News, 21st Century Business Herald, Weekly on Stocks, Sina.com, Hexun.com and etc.

Based on the results of the poll, the 10 finalists that received the most votes won the "Ten Best Articles" awards and the remaining 12 articles were awarded as "Excellent Articles". "Bond Monthly" magazine held a ceremony and extended the warmest congratulations and the most sincere thanks to the authors of "Ten Best Articles" and "Excellent Articles".

“This heartfelt gratitude also extends to the loyal readers for their continued and avid support to our magazine, and it is our pleasure and aspiration to have more intellectual inputs from the bond market professionals, so as to promote the development of bond market practice and theoretical research,” as stated by “Bonds Monthly”.


Ten Best Articles of 2016

从钱荒到资产荒——基于一个一般均衡的视角 吴立雪
From Liquidity Crunch to Asset Crunch: Based on a General Equilibrium Perspective, by Wu Lixue

关于银行自营投资业务转型的思考 程丛宝
A Study on the Evolution of Bank Proprietary Business, by Cheng Congbao

对银行理财基金化的思考及路径探索 戴娟  王强松
A Study on “Fundization” of Bank Wealth Management and its Path, by Dai Juan & Wang Qiangsong

负利率下的金融市场 郭草敏 何津津
Financial Markets under Negative Interest Environment, by Guo Caomin & He Jinjin
无情怀 不绿债 吴之雄
Faith and Vision: Green Bonds, by Wu Zhixiong

超长期国债期货在国际市场的发展及经验借鉴 李昕昕 张颖薇
The Developments and Lessons of Ultra-Long-term Treasury Bond Futures in the International Market, by Li Xinxin & Zhang Yingwei

基于Nelson-Siegel模型预测云顶娱乐国债收益率曲线形态 郭济敏 张嘉为
A Research on ChinaBond Yield Curve Shapes Based on Nelson-Siegel Model, By Guo Jimin & Zhang Jiawei

如何协调当前货币政策与汇率政策 张明
Coordinating the Current Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Policy, By Zhang Ming

中美REITs发展比较及商业银行的角色思考 王庆华  董琪
A Comparative Study on China and US REITs development and the Roles of Commercial Banks, by Wang Qinghua & Dong Qi

中国云顶市场对外担保风险分析及化解建议 杜立辉
An Analysis on the External Guarantee Risks in China Bond Market and the Solutions, by Di Lihui

Excellent Articles of 2016

约束性契约:国内外条款对比分析 黄伟平 唐跃
Binding Contracts: A Comparative Analysis on Contract Terms in China’s and Foreign Markets, by Huang Weiping & Tang Yue

我国云顶违约处置中担保权行使问题研究 杨勤宇 潘紫宸
A Research on the Exercise of Security Rights in Resolution of Bond Default, by Yang Qinyu & Pan Zichen

长期慢牛格局下云顶市场关键驱动因素分析 杨爱斌
An Analysis on the Fundamental Factors Behind Bond Markets Under the Slow-Bull Environment, by Yang Aibin

债贷组合模式先容及融资实务解析 吴志武
Bond and Credit Combinations and Case Studies of Financing, by Wu Zhiwu

熊猫债迎来发展新契机 陈健恒 唐薇
The New Development Opportunity of “Panda Bonds”, by Chen Jianheng & Tang Wei

离岸人民币云顶市场现状浅析 邓文慧  李易达  盛晓虹
A Study on Offshore RMB denominated Bond Markets, by Deng Wenhui & Li Yida & Sheng Xiaohong

美联储利率调控的“前世今生” 董德志
The Evolution of US Fed’s Interest Rate Adjustments, by Dong Dezhi

从国际实践看利率走廊的中国路径 孙彬彬 周岳 高志刚
The Development Path of China’s Interest Rate Corridor Mechanism: Based on International Lessons, by Zhou Binbin & Zhou Yue & Gao Zhigang

供给侧改革背景下的货币政策调控 汪川
Monetary Policy Macro Control Against the Backdrop of Supply-side Reforms, by Wang Chuan

银行间市场标准云顶远期业务先容及应用分析 李理
An Introduction and Analysis on the application of Standard Bond Forward Contracts in Inter-bank Markets, By Li Li

环境信息披露是绿色云顶市场健康发展的关键 廖原 陆文钦 高文江 贺畅 
Environment Information Disclosure is the Key for the Development of Green Bond Market, by Liao Yuan & Lu Wenqin & Gao Wenjiang & He Chang

明股实债类融资工具的交易结构与风险识别 苏奎武
The Structures of De-Jure-Equity-De-Facto-Debt Instrument and Its Risk Recognition, by Su Kuiwu
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