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1. Ccdc.com.cn is one of the official platforms designated by the China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. ("CCDC"). The content of the website is provided by CCDC and shall be protected by China's intellectual property laws and other relevant laws. Unless otherwise stated by laws or agreed by CCDC and relevant parties, all materials provided on this website and the intellectual property of related software and programs shall be owned by CCDC.

2. Some articles and advertisements on this website are provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, and their copyright shall be vested in the providers. Quotation, extract or reproduction of the above content on this website shall be subject to the permission of the copyright holders, and shall indicate the sources as agreed. Such quotation, extract or reproduction is only for communication or reference purposes, and views or information thereon do not represent the position of CCDC. If you would like to use the content on this website that is provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, please directly contact the relevant copyright holders, and any affairs and legal liabilities associated therewith have nothing to do with CCDC.

3. Any institution or individual may visit or download the content of this website for non-commercial purpose, without prejudice to the pertinent national laws and this Statement. Without written consent of CCDC, no institution or individual may sell or use any content of this website for the purpose of making profit, including but not limited to copy, download, store, acquire via hard drive or electronic capture system, sending, conversion, leasing, presentation, reproduction, duplication, modification, sale, dissemination, publication or distribution by any other means. When using the content, please indicate the source (URL is ) and that the copyright is owned by CCDC. CCDC reserves the right to take legal actions against any violation of relevant state laws and regulations and this Statement, as well as arbitrary behavior of using the content of this website without gaining approval first or without indicating the source.

4. As for system maintenance or upgrade, the website will post an announcement in advance. The website shall not assume any legal liability for the suspension in services incurred by line failure or hardware failure that goes out of control, as well as service interruption or delay caused by technical adjustment or breakdown of the telecommunication department or other force majeure events.

5. The website shall not assume legal liability for any accident, omission, libel, copyright- or intellectual property-infringement caused by use of this website as well as losses (including computer virus caused by download) incurred thereby, except for the service clauses indicated on the website.

6. The Statement on this website and the right of modification, update and final interpretation thereof shall be owned by the CCDC.

                                                                     Dec. 20, 2016


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