Announcement on the trial release of Chinabond Chinese Offshore USD Bond Yield Curve,Valuation & Index

Dear users of ChinaBond Pricing Products:

In recent years, the scale of offshore USD bonds issued by institutions in China and their overseas branches is extending. In order to meet the demands of domestic and foreign investors for the reliable and highly transparent pricing products of Chinese offshore USD bonds, and to objectively reflect the market situation, we will announce the trial release of ChinaBond Chinese Offshore USD Bond Yield Curves, bond valuation and ChinaBond Investment Grade Chinese Offshore USD Bond Index in May 27, 2019. The methodology is shown in the attachment.

The ChinaBond yield curve, valuation and index data are available through ChinaBond Integrated Operation Platform, ChinaBond Data Download Channel, ChinaBond website (www.chinabond.com.cn) and authorized data vendors. The trial release period of ChinaBond Investment Grade Chinese Offshore USD Bond Index is one month. Users of ChinaBond Pricing Products are welcome to call for consultation. Unless otherwise stated, the index will be officially released one month later.

Yield Curve& Valuation: 010-88170650/0622
Bond Indices: 010-88170664/0643
Technical Support: 010-88174342/0626
Sales: 021-60813514/3513

ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd
May 23, 2019

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