OTC Market Service

OTC bond service refers to the sale, trading, early redemption, and principal & interest payment of bonds and other financial instruments with the individuals, enterprises and other institutions in an electronic book-entry manner, through the undertaking institutions’ outlets. This includes savings bond (electronic) business and OTC-traded marketable bond business. OTC activity is an extension of China’s bond market to the retail sector. It aims to help build a multi-level bond market system and provide diversified asset allocation channels for residents and enterprises.

CCDC takes on whole-life-cycle savings bond (electronic) services such as registration, issuance, account management, early redemption, and principal & interest payment. The OTC-traded marketable bond products supported by CCDC now include book-entry Treasury bonds, CDB bonds, ADBC bonds and local government bonds.

OTC services are jointly rendered through the interconnected system of OTC Bond Business Center of CCDC and the OTC bond business systems of undertaking institutions. The services adopt the two-tier depository model, in which CCDC is the general custodian, while the undertaking institutions are the sub custodians. CCDC is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, integrity and security of the direct holding account records of undertaking institutions; undertaking institutions are responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, integrity and security of indirect holding account records.

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