Macro Policy Support

In terms of fiscal policy, CCDC aligns its business and system support capabilities with the large-scale, high-frequency and diversified issuance requirements of Treasury bonds, supports innovation, and provides whole-life-cycle services for Treasury bonds and local government bonds. In the meanwhile, CCDC has built a debt management strategy measurement and analysis system, and actively performed the front-line monitoring and R&D functions to provide multi-dimensional data and analysis support, assist in developing the government bond market and support the implementation of fiscal policy.

As a key service platform for monetary policy implementation, CCDC provides professional and efficient business & technical support services for the People’s Bank of China in conducting open market operations, and supports the use of innovative policy tools, e.g. Standby Lending Facility, Medium-term Lending Facility, Targeted Medium-term Lending Facility and Central Bank Bill Swap, etc.

CCDC renders professional and efficient business & technical support services for the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China and the participating commercial banks in carrying out the time deposit operations of central Treasury cash management. CCDC also provides collateral service support for the local governments in performing local Treasury cash management.

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