To meet the needs of market participants for pricing, risk management, accounting treatment and performance assessment, and to boost the market transparency and liquidity, CCDC has made a whole set of ChinaBond information products and services that can reflect the price and risk profile of RMB bond market, including ChinaBond Yield Curves, ChinaBond Valuation, ChinaBond Implied Ratings, ChinaBond Indices, ChinaBond VaR/CVaR, ChinaBond SPPI and ChinaBond Statistics Service. The product and service mixes have been widely recognized by market participants as they effectively promote the formation of bonds’ fair price and enhance the bond market’s transparency, and serve as important references for implementation of relevant fiscal and monetary policies and effective tools for competent authorities to monitor the market.

Product and Service Strengths

- CCDC’s neutrality ensures the objectivity and impartiality of information products and services

- Focusing on fixed income products ensures the high specialization of products and services

- The most integrated data owing to years of compilation

- Most detailed and diverse data thanks to CCDC’s depository and settlement functions, with well-customized services

- Experienced and dedicated professional teams

- A complete set of data collection, processing, analysis and delivery systems

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