CHINABOND Yield Curves

ChinaBond Yield Curves are sets of curves that reflect interest rates level of bonds with the same credit rating across different maturities. It covers all types of bonds and credit ratings in China's bond market. ChinaBond Yield Curves have four classes in terms of interest rate, i.e. "Yield to Maturity Curves", "Spot Rate Curves", "Forward Rate (Spot) curves" and "Forward Yield (Maturity) curves". Presently, ChinaBond Yield Curves cover all bond products and all credit ratings in China’s bond market.

Main Functions

- ChinaBond Yield Curve has been a leading indicator of China's domestic economy

- Acting as the pricing reference criteria for financial assets

- Measurement reference for market risk management and investment performance evaluation.

- Reference for the pricing of equity securities and derivatives such as treasury bond futures.

- Reference for the pricing of loans, deposits and inside transfer within commercial banks.

- The basis of ChinaBond Information Product System.

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