ChinaBond Indices are a series of bond indices designed to objectively reflect the dynamics of China’s bond market. Through continuous improvement, ChinaBond Indices have gradually become an index system with multiple families of indices and very wide coverage. ChinaBond Indices are classified into eight series, namely ChinaBond Aggregate Indices, ChinaBond Constituent Indices, ChinaBond Strategy Indices, ChinaBond Investment Indices, ChinaBond Foreign Currency Denominated Indices, ChinaBond Green Indices, ChinaBond Position Indices and ChinaBond Custom Indices.

As indices with multiple dimensions dedicated designed for investors, ChinaBond Indices have been applied widely. More and more Chinese and foreign institutions are taking ChinaBond Indices as the benchmark of performance assessment or the comparative benchmark of investment portfolio. ChinaBond Indices are especially popular among fund managers focusing on bond portfolio investment.

Main Functions

- Serving as monitoring indices tracking the price movement of bond market

- Serving as reference indicating and forecasting macroeconomic performance

- Serving as reference benchmarks for assessing performance of bond investment portfolio

- Serving as indices tracking indexed products

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