CHINABOND Statistics Service

ChinaBond Statistics Service is the basic and supplemental statistical service provided by CCDC to help market participants and investors understand the developments of the bond market and make better decisions. ChinaBond Statistics Service provides detailed information on the basic elements and the full life cycle of bonds. It uses the indicators such as ChinaBond benchmark repo rate (BR) to reflect the price & trading volume dynamics of the bond market, and regularly publishes reports covering the key information of the primary and secondary markets. Through the statistical data with different dimensions such as bond types and investor categories, ChinaBond Statistics Service provides customers with in-depth statistical information services.

Main Functions

- Providing accurate, comprehensive and detailed information on the basic elements and the whole-life-cycle data of bonds

- Providing statistical data that captures market fundamentals and fair rate benchmarks that reflect liquidity conditions

- Providing market participants with customized statistical data and supplemental services

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