CCDC is one of the largest collateral service providers in the world. “ChinaBond Collateral” service has long been the leader in China’s collateral business sector in pursuit of modernization of collateral management models, perfection of legal systems, innovation of business lines and product structures, and quality services to meet the demands of domestic and overseas financial markets.

Since its inception, “ChinaBond Collateral” has been committed to serving as the “liquidity hub” and “risk management hub” of the RMB financial system. It has been expanding its parameters of business and products in the public policy and market service fields, and has set up a collateral management platforms with universal functions, full coverage, and global reach. It is also a frontier advocator in promoting the cross-border use of RMB bonds during the on-going opening up of China’s financial market.

The ChinaBond “Collateral Management Service System” allows customers to access one-stop, tailor-made services. Through specified parameter setting, the system provides convenient services such as collateral selection, valuation, pledge, release of pledge, marking to market and collateral adjustment to satisfy the diverse needs of customers.

In addition, “ChinaBond Collateral” also provides lending facility supports and loan pricing systems to shore up collateral business in an all-around way.

Service Strengths

- Flexible parameter management

- Intelligent, automatic management

- Whole-process coverage

- Detailed data and information

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