Public Policy Applications
Monetary Policy Support

CCDC provides collateral management services for the People’s Bank of China in implementing the monetary policy. CCDC secures a firm foothold in the traditional open market operation sectors and the innovative monetary policy sectors through continued efforts, supports targeted macro control, serves as the platform for implementing macro-regulation policies and strives to ensure the monetary policy-related operations go smoothly. CCDC supports the following policy tools:

- Standby Lending Facility (“SLF”)

- Short-term Liquidity Operation (“SLO”)

- Medium-term Lending Facility (“MLF”)

- Targeted Medium-term Lending Facility (“TMLF”)

- Re-lending to support financial institutions in small cities/re-lending to support agriculture/re-lending to support poverty alleviation

Development Financing Support

CCDC provides collateral management service for re-lending to support poverty alleviation of China Development Bank, realizing the establishment and application of the collateral management mechanism in the development finance sector.

IDI Support

CCDC provides collateral management service for international development cooperation, and supports the investment and financing work of the Department of International Financial Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance relating to international development institutions (IDI).

Treasury Cash Management Support

CCDC provides collateral management service for local fiscal authorities to effectively prevent the market risk arising from Treasury cash deposit. CCDC also extends technical support for local treasuries in competitive deposit of cash through the “fund pricing system”.

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