Market Applications
Inter-bank Market Service

CCDC provides collateral management service for the transactions in the inter-bank bond market and provides market participants with professional, efficient collateral management service. The related businesses include:

- Pledged repo

- Bond borrowing/lending

- Bond forward

- Tri-party repo

Bank Deposit and Loan Service

CCDC provides collateral management service for deposit and loan business of fund suppliers with commercial banks, including agreement deposit, certificate of deposit, time deposit and commercial loan. “ChinaBond Collateral” provides support request submission and fund pricing services, among others, under the “fund pricing system” for competitive deposit-related business, which include:

- Cash management of local treasuries

- National social security fund/pension fund

- Local social security fund

- Entrusted foreign-currency loan of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange

- Asset management products

Margin Management

CCDC provides margin management service for exchange trading (CCP) and OTC derivative transactions. “ChinaBond Collateral” continues to innovate its business by exploring into legal system and management models, and fully supports the needs of tiered and penetrated regulation. Margin management business is applied in the following fields mainly:

- Futures of the China Financial Futures Exchange

- Shanghai Gold Exchange (International Board)

- Transactions at the Shanghai Futures Exchange

- OTC transactions in foreign currencies

Credit Line Management

CCDC provides safe, efficient and low-cost collateral management service for credit line management between different types of entities. Business types include:

- Inter-bank offering

- Gold lease among commercial banks

- Automatic pledge financing of HVPS

- Pledge management of BEPS

Pre-issuance Collateral Management

CCDC provides centralized performance guarantee management for pre-issuance of Treasury bonds. In assisting the Ministry of Finance and the People’s Bank of China in carrying out the pre-issuance of Treasury bonds in the inter-bank bond market, “ChinaBond Collateral” is responsible for the centralized management of performance guarantee for pre-issuance of Treasury bonds with the aim to facilitate price discovery in the Treasury bond market and perfect the T-bond yield curve.

Cross-border Collateral Service

“ChinaBond Collateral” owns an international and professional R&D and marketing team, the members of which have a good understanding of and are familiar with the international financial market. Thus, the team can provide a series of collateral-related core services such as legal documentation and cross-border settlement. Business items include:

- Cross-border currency swap

- Green bond issuance at abroad

- Cross-border financing guarantee (overseas lending under domestic guarantee, etc.)

- Foreign lending of the Department of International Financial Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance 

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