Trust Registration Service

Incorporated in December 2016, China Trust Registration Co., Ltd. (“CTRC”) is a non-banking institution supervised by the CBIRC providing infrastructure service for trust products.

Based on the construction of three platforms - trust beneficiary rights registration and information statistics platform, trust product issuing and trading platform, and trust regulatory information service platform, leveraging its IT systems, CTRC deals with registration, issuance, trading, transfer, settlement and valuation of trust products, supports the regulation and monitoring of regulatory authorities, and services the development of economy and society and the transformation and upgrade of trust industry.

Major Activities of CTRC

- Disclosure of collective trust plans

- Registration of trust products and their beneficiary rights, including pre-registration, initial registration, change to registration, termination of registration and correction to registration

- Issuance, trading, transfer and settlement of trust products

- Creation and management of trust beneficiary rights accounts

- Valuation, appraisal, inquiry and consulting in relation to trust products and relevant rights

- Inquiry and provision of proof in case of disputes over trust product ownership

- Registration of those trust properties of which legal ownership registration is not needed

- Other business approved by the banking regulators of the State Council

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