ChinaBond Research Institute
      CCDC Chinabond Research Institute was jointly established by CCDC and the School of Finance of Renmin University in November 2016.
      The Chinabond Research Institute is a specialized think tank mainly focusing on the research and consultation on the bond market and related financial fields. It explores opportunities of cooperation and communication and aims to serve as a multiple-function platform -- a research coordinating platform for major topics, an advisory platform for policy decision-making, a promotion and application platform for concluded projects, and a training and communicative platform for specialized professionals.
      The management team of Chinabond Research Institute includes Liu Fan, deputy president of CCDC, Guo Qingwang, professor with Renmin University School of Finance, and Lei Chengyao, professor with Renmin University School of Finance. The core research team consists of leading researchers from Renmin University School of Finance, and the special research team is composed of experts from the CCDC.

(CCDC Chinabond Research Institute Signing Ceremony)
(The conclusion of Research of China Bond Market Stability Indices)

      Since its establishment, the Institute has closely monitored bond market development and has carried out a series of fruitful research projects in the related financial fields, including the estimation of China's equilibrium interest rate, the systemic research on China interest rates, the bond market stability, the bond market microstructure and liquidity problems. Significant results have been achieved in problem studies.

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