CCDC Postdoctoral Station
      The CCDC Postdoctoral Research Station was established in 2015 with the approval of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China. The workstation is dedicated to studying on the reform of China financial system, the development of the bond market, the theories and applications of financial innovation, and related important frontier and strategic issues. It makes good use of the rich intellectual resources of CCDC with respect to project design, regulatory links, data collection and external cooperation. It serves as a platform aiming to train and absorb high-level talents for CCDC. The workstation has established close relations with many postdoctoral research stations such as the People's Bank of China Financial Research Institute and Fudan University. For three consecutive years, it has kept recruiting postdoctoral researchers. Now there are 17 postdoctoral fellows currently working in the station with the focus on FMI, green finance, internet finance and bond yield curves.

( First Group of Researchers of CCDC Postdoctoral Research Station)

( Postdoctoral Research Conclusion Ceremony)

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