Company Profile

China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC) is a wholly state-owned financial institution approved and funded by the State Council of China. It, as an important national financial market infrastructure (FMI), provides central registration, depository and settlement services. Since its establishment, under the tremendous support of the Chinese regulatory authorities, CCDC started from the centralized depository of China government bond (CGB) and gradually developed into a Central Securities Depository (CSD) for various kinds of financial products.

According to the regulation on government bond management released by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), CCDC is the only general depository for CGB authorized by MOF, responsible for the establishment and operation of the government bond depository system. According to the regulation on bond market management released by the People’s Bank of China (PBC), CCDC is granted as the CSD in the inter-bank bond market as well as the primary depository for commercial bank book-entry government bond transaction. In addition, CCDC is granted by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) as the general depository for enterprise bond and the third-party agency for pre-issuance technical assessment of enterprise bond. As authorized by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), CCDC is responsible for the development and operation of the Wealth Management Registration System, Trust Registration System, and Credit Assets Registration and Exchange System. CCDC is also authorized to undertake market monitoring.

By the end of 2016, the total value of financial assets under the depository of CCDC had reached RMB 91.9 trillion, up by RMB 19 trillion year on year, including RMB 43.7 trillion in bond assets, RMB 29.1 trillion in commercial bank wealth management products (WMP), and RMB 19.1 trillion in trust products. CCDC plays an active role in ensuring healthy development of the market, enhancing supervision efficiency, and protecting the rights and interests of investors.

In recent years, focusing on providing FMI services, CCDC has steadily promoted the development strategy of Diversification, Conglomeration and Internationalization. CCDC has been engaged in the innovative development of the bond market, which enhances its role as a major FMI.

Diversification: CCDC has made full use of its advantages and profound experience in developing financial market infrastructure to serve both market participants and regulatory authorities. It promotes the strategy of “Two Transformations”, namely, the transformation from a bond depository to a CSD for various types of financial assets, and that from accessing only the inter-bank bond market to connecting multiple financial markets, and pushes forward the construction of related business systems and platforms.

Conglomeration: CCDC has made capital contribution to Shanghai Clearing House (SHCH), incorporated China Credit Assets Registration & Exchange Co., Ltd. (CCRE) and China Trust Registration Co., Ltd. (CTR) as the controlling shareholder, and set up the China Banking Wealth Management Registration & Depository Co., Ltd., ChinaBond Fintech Information Technology Co., Ltd., ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd., and CCDC Goldstone Asset Management Co., Ltd. by sole proprietorship. CCDC also established CCDC Shanghai Branch and Shenzhen Customer Service Center (Shenzhen office), advanced the development of two business divisions, i.e. CCDC Enterprise Bond Assessment Center, CCDC Collateral Management Service Center and CCDC R&D Center. A conglomerate is gradually taking shape.

Internationalization: CCDC has been studying and developing internationalization strategies, promoting the change of mindset in a coordinated manner, improving organizational structure and personnel training, improving institutional environment, enhancing capabilities in service, innovation and technical support. It makes full use of the onshore and offshore RMB markets, domestic and overseas resources, and strives to gain a foothold in the international market as soon as possible and to further build up its international reputation and influence.



Mission Position

In accordance with China’s national development strategy and based on its role as a CSD, CCDC will accelerate the“Two Transformations” and the pursuit of “Diversification, Conglomeration and Internationalization” in order to transform itself into a major global financial market infrastructure that is safe, efficient, open and transparent.

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