Business Function
Organizational Structure
〇 Shanghai Branch

In July 2015, CCDC opened its first branch in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. As Shanghai grows into an international financial center, the Shanghai Branch will provide meaningful insight into CCDC’s strategic development, with the focus on increasing the scope and depth of the company’s issuance and customer services. It will also explore to enable cross-border bond issuance in the Free Trade Zone and is poised to become another CCDC headquarters through the company’s overall arrangements and concerted efforts.

〇 ChinaBond Pricing Center

It is responsible for the R&D, construction and operation of ChinaBond pricing products (including ChinaBond yield curve, ChinaBond valuation, ChinaBond index and ChinaBond VaR).

〇 CCDC Enterprise Bond Assessment Center

CCDC set up the Enterprise Bond Issuance and Service Work Group upon request of NDRC in March 2015 for technical assessment on enterprise bond, an online credit information archive and credit evaluation of market intermediaries. On the basis of the work group, the CCDC Enterprise Bond Assessment Center was established.

〇 CCDC Collateral Management Service Center

It is responsible for improving the functionality of the collateral management system, ensuring the smooth operation of collateral management services, promoting the cross-border collateral management services, establishing the brand identity of CCDC collateral management services, and developing itself into a “liquidity hub” and “risk management hub” of the RMB financial system.

〇 Development and Testing Center

As a department that provides IT services, it is responsible for the development and testing of application systems. It is also committed to ensuring quality system services, meeting different needs across business lines and the operation and maintenance of application systems.

〇 Operation and Maintenance Center

It is responsible for IT service operation, with the focus on infrastructure building and all types of operation and maintenance to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the business system, sustainable development of the IT system and to continue to provide service value

〇 General Office

It is responsible for coordinating and organizing administrative affairs, maintaining public relations, managing corporate operation, image and publicity in a unified manner, fostering sound corporate culture, drawing up plans for the utilization, purchase, rental and allocation of the headquarters’ office space, ensuring workplace safety, communicating and signing contracts with the Goldstone Asset Management Company and evaluating the latter’s service quality.

〇 Research and Development Department

It is responsible for business operation and development planning, business development research, statistics, information, reports and publications management, development of CCDC’s website, www.chinabond.com.cn and its online information release management, as well as organizing activities for the Bond Research Commission of CCDC.

〇 Legal Affairs & Compliance Department

It is responsible for risk management, legal affairs management and internal auditing.

〇 Customer Service Department

It is responsible for managing and maintaining relationships with investor clients, managing and maintaining bond accounts, formulating settlement rules for and monitoring services in the secondary market, expanding services, and coordinating customer services.

〇 Issuance Department

It is responsible for enhancing, managing and maintaining relationships with bond issuers,delivering and balancing bond issuance services, and supporting open market operations and Treasury cash management.

〇 Depository Department

It is responsible for bond registration, depository, account management and services, principal and interest payment management, management and services for outstanding bonds, asset services, etc

〇 Cash Settlement Department

It is responsible for managing investors’ dedicated cash account for bond settlement, coordinating the transfer of bond settlement funds, transferring cash for interest principal payment, and other related issues.

〇 OTC Market Department

It is responsible for business related to the commercial bank OTC bond market and to MOF-issued Government Savings Bond (electronic) products.

〇 Capital Management System Department

It is responsible for providing clients with a capital management system that can process various types of financial business, including bonds, negotiable instruments, inter-bank lending, wealth management, etc., and with services such as transaction consultation, analysis and information services

〇 Trust Work Group

It is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the National Trust Registration System, research on the trust industry, and the coordination and management of customer relations.

〇 Technical Planning Department (Risk Management

Under a conglomerated corporate structure and as an IT service department that connects business and operational strategies, it is responsible for IT strategic planning and manages IT framework, standards and data, technological risks, information security and business continuity.

〇 Project Management Department

Under a conglomerated corporate structure and as an IT service department that implements IT strategies and controls investment risks, it is responsible for demand planning and integrated project management and control. By connecting business with technology, it also serves as a major transit point to ensure the consistency between the two and fulfillment of the company’s IT strategies.

〇 International Business Department

It is responsible for the unified management of international business,international exchanges and cooperation, research on global markets and international standards, and the expansion of CCDC’s global presence.

〇 Training Department

It is responsible for the design, development and organization of training programs.

〇 Magazine Editorial Department

It is responsible for the editing, publication, distribution, marketing, and branding of the Bond magazine.

〇 Party Affairs Department

As the executive body of CCDC’s Party Affairs Leading Group, it is responsible for the organization, coordination and publicity of Party affairs, management of Party members and outreach with mass organizations.

〇 Supervision Office

It supervises the company’s finances and how duties are fulfilled among the senior management to ensure their compliance with laws and regulations

〇 Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office

It is devoted to the company’s discipline inspection and supervision.

〇 HR Department

It is responsible for making human resource strategies, managing the companies organizational structure and posts; also responsible for staff recruitment, labor relations management, compensation and performance management and employees’ capacity building and career development.

〇 Accounting Department

It is responsible for the overall planning and management of financial revenues, financial accounting and supervision, cash receipts and payments, as well as relevant tax treatments.

〇 Trade Union Office

It is responsible for trade union-related issues.

〇 Office of Review Committee of Centralized Purchasing

It is responsible for the purchase of fixed assets, equipment and facilities.

〇 CCDC Shenzhen Office

It provides issuance services for local government bonds and enterprise bonds, maintaining and expanding the customer base, tapping the market with the help of local preferential financial policies and market resources.

〇 CCDC Goldstone Asset Management Company

CCDC set up the CCDC Goldstone (Beijing) Asset Management Company for asset management, investment management, and conference and exhibition services.

Team Building

After years of exploration and practice, CCDC has developed a well-balanced team with strong professional competence, high moral values and active creativity, which has laid a solid foundation for the company’s future development. Giving top priority to its employees, CCDC keeps refining the staff development mechanism and building a learning-oriented corporate culture, so that employees and the company will grow together. By the end of 2015, the company has a total of 333 staff members with a variety of academic backgrounds, including economics and finance, accounting, law, IT, statistics, applied mathematics, management, etc.

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